Abingdon Mullin (USA)

CEO, Pilot, Driving Force for Women

Abingdon Mullin is unlike most CEOs. She has a serious spirit for adventure and excitement. Now 37, she is Crew Member in Chief of The Abingdon Co., a company that specializes in high-end timepieces for women. She is the driving force behind The Abingdon Foundation, a non-profit that awards scholarships to women pursuing dreams in non - STEAM industries. Abingdon earned her private pilot’s license at 22. She ferries small jets and other aircraft internationally. Her flying skills were made immortal from her performance as Ariel Tweto’s Flight Instructor on the Discovery channel’s reality show “Flying Wild Alaska” in 2012.

10:30am - 11.45am HKT

17 October 2021 17 Oct 2021

Panel - All About Women - Authentic, Bold & Confident - Women Empowerment in the Time of Covid

  • Moderator - Abingdon Mullin - CEO, Pilot, Driving Force for Women (USA)
  • Angela Kaur Baura - Award-winning, Journalist, Content & Copywriter, Founder of Inkspirer (Hong Kong)
  • Michelle Harris - Creator of Empowerment Events for Women, Kids and Teens, Founder Energy Healing System, Mentor and Guide (Hong Kong)
  • Dawn Chen, Emotions Specialist and Certified Transformologist®. Founder of Reconnective Healing SG (Singapore)
  • Dr. Joy Mbaabu, Author "Women Reborn", Coach, Mediator, Lawyer (Kenya)