Angela Kaur Baura (Hong Kong)

Award-winning, Journalist, Content & Copywriter, Founder of Inkspirer

Passionate about supporting people to live full and meaningful lives, Angela Kaur Baura is a Diversity List candidate and an Inspiring Girls role model.  She blends her professional and personal experiences to support and empower women and girls in crisis.  She is an award-winning content and copywriter, communications strategist and journalist with over two decades’ experience in Hong Kong and around the globe. She is the founder of Inkspirer, a content and communications consultancy for businesses committed to improving lives and inspiring positive action. A conduit for courageous conversations, Angela is also a freelance journalist for the South China Morning Post.

10:30am - 11.45am HKT

17 October 2021 17 Oct 2021

Panel - All About Women - Authentic, Bold & Confident - Women Empowerment in the Time of Covid

  • Moderator - Abingdon Mullin - CEO, Pilot, Driving Force for Women (USA)
  • Angela Kaur Baura - Award-winning, Journalist, Content & Copywriter, Founder of Inkspirer (Hong Kong)
  • Michelle Harris - Creator of Empowerment Events for Women, Kids and Teens, Founder Energy Healing System, Mentor and Guide (Hong Kong)
  • Dawn Chen, Emotions Specialist and Certified Transformologist®. Founder of Reconnective Healing SG (Singapore)
  • Dr. Joy Mbaabu, Author "Women Reborn", Coach, Mediator, Lawyer (Kenya)