Dr. Tanu Singh (India)

Renowned Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Educator, Author

Dr. Tanu Singh never ceases to learn – a humble teacher with admirable accreditations, brilliant character and rich experience.  Tanu owns Master's qualifications in Yoga and Living Science and Doctorate degrees in Women’s Health and Nutrition in Ayurveda. She believes that incredible things begin in our psyche. That belief is instilled in her teachings of yoga, meditation, Pranayam and diet.  Her students include educators in NGOs' AmarJyoti and 'Thakur Hari Prasad Institute of Mentally impeded'. She’s the author of ‘For Moms-To-Be’ and an essayist with magazines viz. Sarita, GrahaShobha and Women's period and has been featured in numerous publications in Hong Kong.

9:10am - 9:30am HKT

17 October 2021 17 Oct 2021

Activity - Sunrise Candlelight Meditation, Pranayum & Yoga

  • Dr. Tanu Singh, Renowned Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Educator, Author (India)